Same Day Implants
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We offer a variety of procedures and treatments for facial rejuvenation in Seattle WA. Options include both surgical and non-surgical procedures. Dr William Portuese

How does this work?
Once the Surgeon/Prosthodontic team ascertains through radiographs and examination that you have sufficient bone for implants, the Prosthodontist fabricates a full arch set of teeth to be placed the same day as the surgeon places the implants. The Surgeon, in two or three hours, places the implants and if he needs to, removes the remaining ailing teeth.

Usually a mild sedative is used or you can be put to sleep, if you like. You are driven to the Prosthodontist's office, where in about two hours (mostly while you snooze), the doctor fits teeth to your implants. And, you walk out with teeth fixed to your implants ready to have dinner! No bulky dentures and baby food for you.

Why Implants?
First, it's a more permanent solution. Implants do not decay. Dental implants maintain bone height, which provides needed facial support as we age.

Why choose "Same Day Implants"?
Although the initial cost is higher, there is no problem with nutrition, speaking and over-all confidence because teeth are fixed in your mouth. The hassle with implants has always been wearing a removable device while the implants heal for four to six months. Now you have teeth the same day! Incidentally, sometimes for individual single tooth situations, you can have teeth the same day as well.

Here are before and after photos of "same day implant" teeth recipients:

Examples (photos of actual patients)
before ...
and after ...
before ...
and after ...